How to run bootloader or factory restore on MacOS Catalina

I wanted to leave a note about running the restore tool(s) on the current MacOS Catalina that the wiki doesn’t cover. With the new application gatekeeper, when you try to run ./bootfix.osx you’ll get a warning message about being unverified and it won’t execute.

To make it work, you can go into System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General. Under the “allow apps” section, you should see a notice about bootfix.osx and an option to “Allow anyway”. Click that, and then you should be able to run ./bootfix.osx from the command line.

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oh wow, so it is not only applications about but Apple also restricts CLI tools too?

Not exactly related to MOD, but it is quite the killer deal for hobby projects.
Many tools for embed/arm boards don’t often come with source code. :slightly_frowning_face:

I haven’t verified, but it appears you can disable the gatekeeper entirely: