How to find 'trial' plug-in?

I loaded an old pedalboard and got a message along the lines of: “This pedalboard is using a trial plug-in, audio will be muted at regular intervals”.

The thing is, I really don’t think it is using a trial plug-in. I think possibly it has somehow forgotten that I paid for some plug-ins and is giving me this false message.

In either case, how does one find a trial plug-in in a pedalboard full of plug-ins? I use like 30+ plug-ins.

It should put a big “Trial” text across the plugin UI I thought?

yup you are right - it didn’t do that in the pedalboard itself, but after rebooting everything it puts that huge TRIAL across the plug-in at the bottom where you select plug-ins. But in the board itself, it didn’t show anything. So now I have to figure out why - as in I am pretty sure I purchased this one.

So to be specific the plug-in is the Gaffa Delay. I purchased it, I have an email confirmation of that purchase, but the plug-in has become set to Trial.

If purchased plug-ins are going to start deactivating on their own while I’m using my device, I am going to be very paranoid to use live on stage. Is this a bug, or some update thing I missed?

only time I have seen that happening is when some network issues fail when talking to the MOD cloud. which makes the system behave as if there are no plugin licenses for the unit and it proceeds to invalidate the existing ones.
something still need to fix on our side.

to force a fix use the “delete plugin licenses” option in the advanced settings, under “dangerous area”.
it does not remove the licenses themselves, only the local files on the device-side part.
afterwards open the main web gui again to have it redownload the plugin licenses.

to be clear: this issue can only happen when the unit has the web gui open and there is some kind of network issue.
when the unit is not connected to a PC this should never happen, there is no “remote connection” possible in the physical sense on that case anyhow.
so licenses remain forever when the unit is used offline (not connected to the PC).


Thanks for the clarification, that puts my mind at ease.

I had rebooted a few times, still same issue. Then I went to the settings page (did nothing) but when I went back to my pedalboard got a message “Two plug-ins licensed”. And all was well.

I hadn’t seen your post when this happened, so it kinda fixed itself after I browsed the settings page.