How to extract / slice short bits from audio signal

Hello everyone. I’m pretty much a MOD newbie, I certainly feel like one. Nevertheless, I would like to extract / slice / grab short bits of the incoming audio signal to process them further. My aim are glitch and stutter-like effects.

I would like to have control over the length of the bit (probably no more than half a second), and also the rate at which bits are grabbed from the audio signal. Existing glitch- or slicer pedals appeared to be too specific in their behaviour to work for my goal.

I have tried different ways of applying Audio->CV into an CV envelope to have that envelope open and close the volume control of an audio path. But I got no-where near anything controllable or even predictable. (It seems that my logic has little overlap with the realities of CV…)

I’m sure there’s more ways; how would you approach this?

Thanks in advance!

Cheers from the Netherlands.

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If you mean you want to sample small bits of audio, then you probably want to use a looper like ALO. Then you can set the BPM, to grab small or large sections in sync. Or you can have ALO looping an entire bar, but only feed a small portion of audio to that by having a switch controlled by a CV gate.

I’ve done this, but usually using a random gate, so that different loops each get a different section of the signal, but no loop gets a section another loop has.

Thanks for your response.
Using a looper and/or a CV gate was certainly not on my radar. Interesting. Until now, I assumed repetition would be achieved through different delays…

I’ll try this out as soon as I have time and report back. Thanks again!


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