How to: Convert Bass to MIDI to trigger a sequence?! Any takers?

How to use CV to run a SYNTH BASS.
What I want to do is convert my bass note to its MIDI counterpart note, then using that midi information, run a synth sequence.
I’m trying to get a very specific trigger for a part - assume the keyboard player isn’t going to play this line.

Any idea how I could accomplish such a feat? I am NOT a MIDI guy, so I’m learning as I go.


There’s not yet a Audio to MIDI available in the platform.
What you do have in beta is a Audio to CV Pitch plugin. This allows you to convert Audio into CV pitch.

Hope it works

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Ok, so is there a method to use CV to trigger MIDI?

What if you wrote the midi part in a .mid file, and play it with the midi file player through one of the generator plugins?
You could trigger it with a footswitch…
Limitation is : no TAP tempo with this plugin…

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Just MIDI to CV :confused:

So we have Pitch to CV - and we have signal to note analyzers - ie. harmonizers / autotuners.
So with the knowledge that we have pitch processors already, I’m curious if anyone with plugin knowledge knows how to apply pitch to MIDI and create a plugin that does just that.

The Organelle has a “guitar to synth” pd patch that I assume tracks the guitar’s pitch and dynamics, translates them to midi data, and feeds a synth pd subpatch with it.
Maybe analyzing the pd patch and building an analog one with max would open a door to midi tracking on the Mod devices ?

@jon sorry didn’t mean to respond specifically to you, I clicked on the wrong reply button :sweat_smile:


pitch to MIDI is way more complex than pitch to CV (and this plugin is still in beta and yet to be optimized. MIDI is 0s and 1s, so if a note is in between it will jump randomly to either one or the other, while CV is only connected to the voltage and not a precise note. The same is true for the plugins that you mentioned.
This is only one example of the difference. There are many more.

Is it reliable? Because one big criticism in this field is that even the considered best tools (like the triple play for example), have some questionable reliability in certain situations.
If you find the patch just share it with us and we will see if it brings something to the table.

Also, one thing is to be monophonic…another is polyphony…

haha no worries :wink:

Here is the demo video from C&G :

And here is the link to the pd patch:
Don’t know if it is useful, just bringing ideas to the table :sweat_smile:
Not perfect, but potential lead?

No polyphony though, I guess it is an unreachable dream.
Eventide Pitchfactor has an algo that tracks pitch and enveloppe from input audio, and plays a monophonic triangle wave synth from it. There’s a effect similar in the Zoom G3. Don’t know how it’s done, but it is monophonic as well.

But even the best pitch tracking things I know, such as EHX Hog and Pitchfork, that do track polyphony pretty smoothly, get glitchy with complex chords. And those are dedicated hardware pedals, not plugins…

For polyphony within the mod system, maybe using a monophonic pitch to midi tracking plugin, combined with olugins like midi chord, midi scale quantizer, midi delay, and such, could produce some nice polyphonic chords and arpeggios based on a single note…


@brummer’s beta “gxtuner” plugin has this capability, though I don’t know the status of the implementation since it’s still in beta.

Edit: Just tested, that feature doesn’t seem to be fully implemented yet. Works pretty well on the desktop version in my experience

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Thanks for the materials. I saved it all in our request list. Let’s see what we can do with it.

@FistfulOfStars that’s correct. We checked it again a while ago. Maybe an easy step would be to improve that plugin. With the HMI Widgets I can almost see a nice upgrade adding them to that tuner so the tuner could be used as an alternative to the system tuner :wink:

Not really a request, personnaly if I want to play synths, I use a synth :wink:
Just wanted to point to potential leads :thinking:
Could be fun to find ways to emulate weird stuff such as the Miku pedal for instance, but with goat screams :joy:


Well pointed. I personally share with you a bit your perspective (but if we talk about layering maybe you get me easier in :wink: ).
Anyway, save it on that list is the best way to find that info when we plan the roadmap.

haha who knows…April 1st is soon :grin: