How to change tempo/BPM for MIDI-clips


I use “MIDI File” plug-in to play some drum&bass-based midi files/clips (e g track1.mid) as a backing tracks for guitar practice.

I send “signal” to plug-ins Fluid Drums and Fluid Bass.

I am able to transpose bass to any given key with plug-in called MIDI Chromatic Transpose, which is super nice.

But I have still not figured out how to change tempo for those backing tracks.

Any help would be appreciated, ultimately step-to step guidelines. I am newbie in terms of Mod Dwarf and MIDI overall.

I see BMP and MIDI PORTS menus/buttons in my web browser but as I said I am newbie, do not understand MIDI concept really…

Seems to me it should be rather simple to change tempo för backing tracks, MIDI or AUDIO…is it possible?

My setup is guitar → Mod Dwarf → Web GUI

Thanks in advance!

This is a known limitation of the current midi file player. It does not respond to host tempo.

Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it!
I noticed some limitations, but I guess there is a way of playing some/any kind of backing tracks (perhaps other than midi) and being able to change tempo…if not I hope there soon will be some kind of plugin out there :slight_smile:

As far as I understood, the only workaround is to use a looper (I think LP3) and store your (audio) backing tracks as if they were recorded with it

Then you may be able to select them and change the tempo

Thanks, I will check LP3 out then.