How to change tempo/BPM for MIDI-clips


I use “MIDI File” plug-in to play some drum&bass-based midi files/clips (e g track1.mid) as a backing tracks for guitar practice.

I send “signal” to plug-ins Fluid Drums and Fluid Bass.

I am able to transpose bass to any given key with plug-in called MIDI Chromatic Transpose, which is super nice.

But I have still not figured out how to change tempo for those backing tracks.

Any help would be appreciated, ultimately step-to step guidelines. I am newbie in terms of Mod Dwarf and MIDI overall.

I see BMP and MIDI PORTS menus/buttons in my web browser but as I said I am newbie, do not understand MIDI concept really…

Seems to me it should be rather simple to change tempo för backing tracks, MIDI or AUDIO…is it possible?

My setup is guitar → Mod Dwarf → Web GUI

Thanks in advance!

This is a known limitation of the current midi file player. It does not respond to host tempo.

Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it!
I noticed some limitations, but I guess there is a way of playing some/any kind of backing tracks (perhaps other than midi) and being able to change tempo…if not I hope there soon will be some kind of plugin out there :slight_smile:

As far as I understood, the only workaround is to use a looper (I think LP3) and store your (audio) backing tracks as if they were recorded with it

Then you may be able to select them and change the tempo

Thanks, I will check LP3 out then.

Hi All,

I am desperately trying to figure out how to trigger a MIDI file and be able to change the tempo on the fly. I see the sequencers can change tempo based on the current host tempo, but the MIDI File player cannot.

OK, it seems there is no way to do this so now I am trying to figure out how to use a looper plugin like LP3 to do this. But the files it persists to the MOD are .dat files. So where do I put my files? There are quite a few folders in the Audio Files section but I am not sure what plugins use them. LP3 seems to save into Audio Recordings. And what plugin uses the MIDI Clips folder (if any)? Has anyone got this to work?

Basically, I want to trigger small backing samples to play along with the band, but there is a 100% chance we’ll be playing at a different temp so I’d like to sync with a live tap-tempo.

Thanks in advance,


I am frustratingly close to a reasonable solution to my pedalboard wishes here, but I want to “restart” the MIDI sequences I have defined by turning on the internal transport every time I press a MIDI input. I have set up some conversions to create CV signals that I can use to toggle my MIDI sequences, and then logically OR’d all of the signals to another CV signal. Theoretically I can assign that to the transport on/off and have it reset every time I want to play a MIDI sequence. The problem is, it doesn’t appear that the CV signal attached to the transport on/off works. I can use the same signal on another device and see it toggle when I want it to toggle. I guess this is a bug or not supported?

I guess not supported.
anyhow, if you manage to set tempo for backing track I do hope you will share you pedalboard. I put my Dwarf aside until tempo thing is working, it is fundamental…

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I think the only way to do what I want now (until I can buckle down and write a plugin myself - which I hope to do over Christmas) is to use the sequencer. But it also has weird “features” around initial state that I may not be able to overcome in a live performance setting…

This would be a great present for all of us :smiley: