How to buy plugins?

Hi. New Dwarf user here, so forgive what is probably a stupid question. I searched the forum, but found nothing that helped.

I downloaded a few “trial” plugins, loved them, and wanted to buy them. I couldn’t figure out how, so I “removed” the Gaffa trial plugin, expecting it would show up again in the store, so I could select “add to cart”. It didn’t reappear. Nor can I find my cart at all.

What obvious solution am I missing?

Thanks for your help in advance.


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Hi @Jon_Grant,

You can add to cart from the information page of the plugin. There are 3 way to access it :

  • from the store (be careful about the filters on the left side)
  • from the plugin bar at the bottom of the constructor
  • from the “i” icon above a plugin present in a pedalboard

You can buy the plugin whether it’s installed as a trial or not. No need to remove it.


Another - maybe stupid - remark: make sure you dont have any filter set on the bar at the left of the screen,

  • e.g. “show installed only” or “show not installed only”
  • or one of the categories selected
    You won’t find a delay in the store if you are only looking at CV Plugins, for example.
    I got a bit confused the first time I looked at the store, to be honest…

Thanks for the replies. Whatever the problem was, it fixed itself the next day,vand I was able to successfully buy the plugins. I have no idea why it wasn’t working, but it sorted itself out.

I am enjoying the Dwarf!