How much tweaking is possible on the actual device (Dwarf)?

So, this is probably a “lazy” question (and I likely know the answer already), but just to make sure:

if I do not assign a button or knob to a certain function/parameter of a plug-in while in the web interface, there is no way to make any adjustments to that plug-in (or potentially even switch it on or off) when only using the device (i.e. away from a computer or tablet)!?!

Is this correct, or is there a way to dive into pedalboard arrangements, wiring and individual parameters for plug-ins on the actual physical device itself (the Dwarf in my case)??


No, only parameters you mapped are accessible in that case.

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There is an ongoing discussion on how to allow that sort of edits from the device itself, but it is still at that stage.

In the meantime, what you can do, is simply to setup your dwarf to be able to use a Wifi dongle. That way you can edit it from your phone if you have to.

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I have my dwarf and duo set to hook up to my home wifi. So I simply added a tethering config on my phone that matches the one I have at home so that the dwarf attaches to the phone when I start tethering. I can then edit the pedalboard from the phone.


That sounds interesting. Is there a link to a more in-depth description on how to set this up?

I am sorry, I am still a beginner on the Dwarf. This solution requires then the use of the new desktop app, correct!? And I wasn’t aware that there was a iOS version, too…

No, it requires the Dwarf to be tweaked to connect to Wifi (or Bluetooth). MOD Desktop is an app for desktop (computers) that is completely independent from the device.

There’s no such thing, as far as I know. But there’s a MacOS version of MOD Desktop.

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Regarding how to set the Wifi, you can get a cheap wifi dongle such as EDIMAX EW-7811UN (or any other listed in this thread Wifi connectivity - #46 by jon).
Setting it up is detailed here: WiFi - MOD Wiki

Then, you can connect your phone onto the unit and open a browser (I guess Safari for you) pointing to the correct device (moddwarf.local should work, but otherwise you need to use an app like service scanner to find out your dwarf’s IP address). That should show you your device’s web interface.

And this has nothing to do with the Desktop app which turns your PC into a virtual mod device, rather than managing a hardware device like the dwarf.


Thanks so much for clarifying, @Azza!

And thanks also to @funkypou and @CharlyRebell for chiming in and bearing with my inexperience :smile: