How I'm using the looper for transitions in a live synth setup

Just a simple looper and filter patch to do seamless transitions between songs on the Elektron Digitone. Will be adding more controls like EQ and probably a limiter or waveshaper on the output.


As a guitar player, I have no clue what you are doing there, but it sounds great and looks cool!

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Thanks! All the sounds (drums and synths) are coming from the Digitone.

When I want to move to the next song I record a loop in the Dwarf then switch over so we just hear the loop. Then I can load then song pattern on the Digitone and slowly fade it in over the loop until finally we hear just the Digitone again. Then I erase the loop and do the process over again for every song transition.

So it allows playing a live electronic set with just one sound source, like the Digitone.

For this simple kind of looping I could use a dedicated looper pedal but the Dwarf allows me to add more things, like a high-pass filter and echo, to the loop so I can blend it better.

By the way, as a synthesist I have no idea what guitarist are doing either - but it also looks and sounds cool! :sunglasses:


That is really cool - and also the beauty of music. Not knowing keeps the magic alive :sweat_smile: I may have a look at what you do in the future. Looks like fun!

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You wouldn’t care to link your paddleboard? Looks intresting.

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