How do you use looping?

No OS. All the code is custom written by me.




Bumping this back to the top as I’m really hoping to get more people to respond to the poll. This will help me to produce the right set of features to help you.


I’ve been using the lp3 to create melodies/themes using a generative approach, with an external sequencer and a bitimbral synth.
Note triggers and gate lengths are randomized but are usually within a scale.

Mostly it makes bleeps and inconherent phrases, but using looper brings it within a context and gives the project a direction.
I try to Jam it out and build upon the loop in whatever way it fits. Haven’t delved into seeing how this approach could benifit from having it midi synced yet.


Honestly, there is no wrong way. I’m trying to learn how to adjust the controls and features to optimize the plugin to make it work for everybody.


I do a lot of live looping (Boomerang III looper in combination with the Dwarf) and I also purchased the LP3 plugin, but at the very beginning I encountered some problems with the sync as I described here:

I have to admit, that since then, I havent used the plugin that much, so I cant tell if these problems still exist.

But the first and most important thing for me would be stable midi-synced-looping.

Concerning behaviour/usuability: I really like the concept of the Boomerang (Boomerang III User Guide 2020 update .pdf - Google Drive), but perhaps a big part of my affection is due to the familiarization over the years I’m using it. There are also some really cool features implemented, like a copy function or quantization (“When an external MIDI clock is present, the loops will be quantized to the nearest quarter note, i.e. recording will start and end on the MIDI quarter note closest to your loop button tap. When playing a stopped loop, it will start on the nearest quarter note following a loop button tap.”). One drawback of the Boomerang is that you only could erase the last stacked/overdubbed part…

Perhaps some of mentioned features could be implemented into the LP3 as well, if not already done… I’ll have to do some more test with the LP3, to go into further detail.


MIDI sync does work, but it assumes 4 quarter notes to a bar and extends any loop to a full bar in length. It starts precisely when you press record and then makes certain that each loop is an integer multiple of the bar length.


Would it be possible to have an “fx send”? on lp3

I’m wondering whether it would be possible to have fx send/return per part?
For instance being able to loop one instance of dry sound, and changing to the next part/track with an fx send on.
Or could we have a setting to have audio inputs/outputs designated to parts?

There’s probably a work around i haven’t explored yet.

Could probably work with a pedalboard with two instances of lp3, one with dry and one with fx.
But the dwarf only have so many footswitches.

Secondly, is there any way to remap the “simple” trigger/loop functions to external midi sources?

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If the MOD supports it, I could have multiple outputs. Typically what is done instead is that you turn on/off the effects on the input to the looper.

Yes, the MOD already allows you to assign a button to a MIDI CC. I don’t believe that the multi-function buttons will work that way due to MODs implementation of MIDI.

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A feature which I would find very useful and is also rare, is the ability to scroll through the start point of the loop. Some loopers let you adjust the start point, which adjusts the length of the sample. I am talking about treating the loop as a single continuous bit of audio, so if you have a kick drum at the end of the loop, you could scroll the loop so that the kick is now at the start of the loop, and the loop stays the same length - no audio is lost, but where it starts changes.


Never had anybody ask for that before, but that is actually easy to implement based on the way Looperlative code works.


It’s a feature that allows you to re-sync stuff to generate better rhythms, or partially correct a slightly off performance.


I’m using looping mostly without any syncing, but I’d like to be able to use it and a sequencer simultaneously with host sync-- but when I stop/start transport the looper glitches like crazy, repeating the first few notes multiple times while the sequencer just chugs along-- something about how if I hit the transport back on after turning it off, the difference between that and the loop start point makes it glitch… maybe… I’m not sure why it does it, it’s very irregular, I’ll try to get a recording of it.

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The loop is synced to the transport and can’t understand it jumping around. Starting and stopping is likely to cause it to move unexpectedly. I need a good description of what you are trying to do.


Here are two attempts at a sequenced drum track, basic chord loop, and one additional loop of basic bass over that. I have host sync on with the LP3 and the sequencer, timing my “record button” press as close to the 1 as possible, and as you can see it just seems to do weird stuff. I’m trying to keep it simple here but I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I realize I maybe should have the camera pointed at my pedal presses instead of at me… but at least I’m making it clear where it’s glitching lol

note: I’m not stopping/starting transport at all here, just letting it run. When I stop transport after the first attempt I’ve also erased my loop to start again

I’m hopeful it’s just me misunderstanding something


What is generating the clock? Is there any MIDI clock anywhere in this setup?

no, just the Dwarf’s internal tempo tool and drum sequencer with host sync turned on

That should be pretty stable. I’ll try to reproduce here. I have a much simpler pedal board for host sync testing, but I’ll look at your board picture to see if something that you have in there will have any effect on the test.


Thank you for checking it out-- I really haven’t been using host sync because of it, but I’d love to. It happens on other boards as well, though I think all of them are fairly busy with various plugins, like this one…

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FWIW, I have had non-looperlative funkiness with host sync, like when using Cardinal (was dropping beats). Switching to an external MIDI clock always fixed those issues so I suspect there’s something going on in the firmware making the internal clock unstable.