How do we get wiki accounts?

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I wanted to fix some outdated information on, but I cannot find any way to register for an account on the wiki, and it seems that editing is disabled without first logging in. I tried pretending I’d forgotten my password, which eventually led to but that page gives a Permission Error. So how can we help make the wiki pages better?

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We have disabled the account creation because of the massive bot attack we received some time ago. We are creating the accounting manually for those who are interested to collaborate. I created one for you, you must receive an email soon.


Thanks that’s great! Worth documenting this for future contributors?

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Good idea. Perhaps in the Main Wiki page. Thanks.


Thanks, I got it! (although it was in my Spam folder…)

@ricardocrudo I can log in, but it still won’t let me edit anything. I think my account must be missing edit permissions.

Please try again and let me know if it works now.

I’m building a LV2 plugin and would like to make some edits to the plugin build page. Could I get an account too?

@lazzarello done.

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it appears my user’s permissions do not include adding or updating content. I cannot create my own user profile page, for example.

give it another try, please.

This is the error UI.

Nope, I still don’t see an Edit button or link anywhere :-/ And View source gives me the same warning as the screenshot above.

hmm, let me ask for some help… @autostatic can you help us here :point_up:

I’ve added an extra Wiki group ‘trusted’ and made @aspiers and @lazzarello member of this group. The ‘trusted’ group has edit rights. If you’d like to be added then let me know.



Woohoo. Thanks. Ill make some edits over the weekend.

Great! If there are any issues then please let me know.

I’d be happy to have a wiki account. A few months ago I started my own effort: (i have a few uncommitted docs lying around on disk)

I’d enjoy helping to fill out some of the feature explanations and writing about some of the technical aspects of the architecture.

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@unbracketed I’ll look into making it possible again to create new user accounts. We had to disable that possibility due to spam. I’ll keep you all updated on the progress.

@aspiers @lazzarello @unbracketed Hey guys, thanks for contributing.
I just made available (via Wiki) the first version of the MOD Duo user manual (PDF file). Maybe you all want to check this file before to do any work on the Wiki.

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