How do we get wiki accounts?

A couple things from a quick pass through (looks nice!):

  1. On the “Connecting the MOD Duo” diagram, under Input Jacks it says “Keep knob 2 pressed for gain adjustments” (should be knob 1)
  2. The image on the top of page 27 is too hard to read. Overlaying zoomed in portions of the input / output rails would make it easier to read the labels and see what is happening


Just to say that I just successfully made my first edit. Thanks again!

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I’m mostly concerned with the LV2 plugin development info which is out of scope for the user manual. Unless you have a developers manual planned.

The development information will be concentrate on the Wiki. It’s easier to update and organize there.

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Hello gentlemen

@aspiers @lazzarello @unbracketed

@Leo_Germani has been revamping the Wiki and will manage it from now on.

We’re now looking for contributors. Now it’s the time to step up if you want to contribute :wink:


Thanks @gianfranco! I’ll float an item onto my ToDo list.

I’ve noticed the sections covering pedalboards, presets, banks (and generally using them together) are pretty sparse. I know I have some notes somewhere that could help fill in the gaps…

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Sorry to derail this thread - how do you create a new post from the mobile site? Thanks