How do I implement a hold function for synth&Fishman TriplePlay?

A question for the synthesizer and Fishman TriplePlay community. How do I implement a hold function for this?
A bit more in detail: currently I use a looped Boss SY1 to put pad sound in the background. Then I press the hold button on the SY1 and can then play fine solos over it. Since I also have a Fishman Triple Play I wonder if I can not do without the SY1. Synthesizer sounds are great with the Dwarf. But I have two problems. How do I get the hold function implemented and if that works, how do I get it switched on. I’m always in the mode in which I switch between the snapshot back and forth, ie the buttons are already occupied. Does anyone have an idea?

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Short answer: yes.

Short explanation: Hold is not a function of the synth itself, but a note that goes ON and doesn’t go OFF. The hold pedal in synths simply omits the midi NoteOff message, so they keep ringing.

Long answer: you need some device to trigger a midi CC message that will command the synth to omit NoteOff messages. In most cases, that device is… a pedal. :expressionless:

In the Mod case, you may for instance assign one of its switches/buttons to toggle a midi filter that will prevent all NoteOff messages to go through – there might be other and better approaches to that. You’d probably need another button or action to toggle that filter off.

Not owning a Dwarf nor having attempted that myself, I can’t tell you for sure how that can be implemented.

Sorry that I can’t offer a solution right now. The Triple Play has a Hold function but no switch for making that happen, except for their fragile, poorly designed and monstrously overpriced floor unit.

If you own/use a midi floor board (my case), then it’s an easy set up, but again that takes money and space, which defeats the purpose of owning a Mod. But it’s the nicest, most customisable and overall best way to get that and other features rolling – arpeggiator, swithing, etc.


That is already valuable information. Let’s see if I can build something with it. Thanks :slight_smile: