How can I access to the student program? Which documents do I have to show?

Hey! sound engineering student here, I sent an email some days ago to but I got no response so maybe here somebody could answer me. I would like to access to the discount offered in the education program but I don’t know which documents do I have to show. Also, I would like to know if the discount has an expiring date or I could use it in a couple of months after being given to me, thank you!

Hello Jesus,
I forward your email to the responsible to process this discount codes. He is in holidays at this moment, but should get back to you soon.

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I also wrote to regarding the Education Discount on June 27th. I hope we hear back one the appropriate individual is again available. .

You will get an answer soon. After all with all the hard work putting the Dwarf together during this pandemic times and shipping so many now we all (really!) need some rest and time to get over everything. Someone will get back to you soon

I understand! We need to respect workers rests and holidays, really, there is no hurry :slight_smile:

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Thanks :slight_smile: It’s really kind of you. We will get back to you asap

hey! replying because I opened this thread a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to make sure everything is in the same situation. Any novelties? Sorry for the insistence! I guess you will contact me directly (through e-mail or replying to this thread…) when the discount will be available again?

I now got that in my hands as well (from the end of last week) so I will process them myself. I still didn’t have time to catch up with the emails, so that’s why it is late. If I take longer than next week please feel free to ping me again on the email, something may get lost

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