Horizon devices prescision drive

If someone could make a plug in emulating this pedal that would be way cool.

I absolutely second that!

Can you please elaborate? This seems to be yet another distortion effect, what kind of functionality and sound are then so unique to this device that we should want it?

I don’t think it’s very productive to make individual topics about cloning specific hardware pedals. In the end whatever plugins are available are at most inspired re-creations.

Perfect clones are imo the least interesting part of the MOD ecosystem.

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The Horizon devices precision drive is basically a Tube Screamer. Only difference is a implemented Noise Gate and, a capacitive selector, which remove (stepwise) more or less the low/middle end from the clipping amp part. Also the Tone control is a bit different.
However, I’ve modified the guitarix TubeScreamer to cover that changes:

I’ve not tested that jet on my Dwarf, but will do within the next day’s and then, when satisfied, publish it to the MOD.


So, the pull request to add it to the store is send.
Now we’ve to wait if on from the MOD team takes and push it.