HMI Widgets documentation?

Hi Guys,

Is there any documentation on the HMI Widgets, I can’t seem to find any.



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For developers, documentation is directly on the API.

Let us know if anything is unclear



There was an interface that I wasn’t using to report back changes to something. Unfortunately, my slack was lost in events of MOD. Can you provide what it was that I was supposed to do?

That one is LV2-Extensions/control-input-port-change-request.h at master · KXStudio/LV2-Extensions · GitHub

It allows a plugin to request a change to its own input control ports, which not allowed by default on LV2.


I am a bit confused here, do I need to set something on the dwarf to enable this functionality, I am running

I have the examples from here loaded up: GitHub - moddevices/plugin-examples: Repository that contains examples of LV2 plugins

Neither “mod-hmi-widgets” or “hmi-widgets-individual-tests” seem to do much at all.

Have I got the wrong end of the stick, does HMI allow the plugin to “take over” the display and LEDs of the dwarf?

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You need to address/map a parameter to the HMI first.


Thanks, it isn’t quite what I was thinking then, I hoped you could possibly take control of the front panel and dynamically change the parameters being controlled.

Even so I ran through the “mod-hmi-widgets” and “hmi-widgets-individual-tests” with mapping the controls and not much seems to work.


  1. Linear Test knob - Bottom value always (NULL), so missing out a word while it loops.
  2. Toggle Test button - Mapping this to HMI causes HMI to hang, can get it back with: hmi-reset; killall mod-ui


  1. Knob Label Test - Not setting anything
  2. Knob Indicator Test - Not setting anything
  3. Knob Value Test - Setting top row (label) to X-VALUE-X rather than value
  4. Knob Unit test - Setting 3rd row (value) to X-UNIT-X rather than the unit.
  5. Foot Led Test - Blinks LED, looks good.
  6. Foot Label Test - Mapping this to HMI causes HMI to hang, can get it back with: hmi-reset; killall mod-ui

Also on mod-ui getting some errors:

Should these examples be working?

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I wouldnt 100% count on it.
We started them when developing the feature, but they became unnecessary at some point.
I dont recall the details now, but seeing as the hmi widgets header file has no comments tells me it is old so there might be some incompatibilities there.
First step here would be to replace the header file with the one from mod-host and rebuilding. Likely the function parameters changed and thus this creates the breakage you see here.

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Ah Ok, thanks.

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