Hiwatt DR504 Custom 50 1975

To make some practice on reamping on linux I got this NAM model from ToneHunt, applied in Ardour with NAM LV2 plugin and reamped using standard settings on the AIDA-X notebook. Probably the volume is some low, but I like it and hope that some of you will find it useful

Hiwatt DR504 JU Crunch BAL DI.json (172.3 KB)

Description from ToneHunt:

JU CH: N4 B5.5 B5 T4 M2 P4 M8 1000 epochs, 0.003 ESR Get the intended IR cab (Hiwatt 4x12 1975 Purple Fane 50W speakers) for free after a free registration on my site: https://www.amalgamcaptures.com/ir-cabs Keywords: Townsend, The Who, Jimmy Page, Zeppelin, Pink Gloyd, Gilmour, vintage


So profiling NAM models for AIDA-X seem to work after all? Great news !

I am not the finest ear in this forum (not even at my home, by the way) but the process is quite straight away


@gianfranco wrong thread?

yep. Just fixed it :slight_smile:

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