Hide unused pages?


in the Dwarf WIKI, the picture of the Dwarf under “Control Mode” shows 1/4 in the bottom left corner of the display, while the text refers to 8 available pages. …and i’ve found other places in this forum which refer to pages only appearing when something is assigned to them. this all seems to indicate that my current situation is unusual:

i have parameters assigned only on page 8. however, i see all pages 1 through 8.

is this actually the expected behaviour? i.e. all pages show, up to the highest numbered page with assignments on it? wouldn’t it be more functional to hide any pages with no assignments, regardless of where they are in the numbered page order?


…and, i suppose, there could be a setting to show/hide unused pages…

…further refinement: a “move all assignments from page x to page y (if it’s empty)” function would be super-useful! otherwise, we have to have a complete plan for layout of assignments to pages before beginning to assign parameters, in order to keep things well organized.