Help with DIE FLUID SYNTH and SF2 files

Hi all, I’m using the DIE FLUID SYNTH with some SF2 files that I found. A number of these files have several different instruments/voices etc which I would like to change. However I’ve tried to run the input on different midi channels with no effect and although the info of the DIE says that Midi progaram changes can be used to change the instrument patch I cannot see how to do this. Am I doing something wrong, or are SF2 files not necessarily running the different voices on different channels?

This is not exposed in the plugin settings due to its dynamic nature (the parameter list would change on runtime, which we do not support).
We have plans to add this, but other things take priority at the moment.

In theory, if you send a MIDI program change that matches the internal mapping of the SF2 file (typically they start from 1), it will change the internal patch file of the SF2.

Alternatively splitting the SF2 into single instrument files can work too, but that is a bit more effort.


That’s great, thanks @falkTX - clear and quick response as usual!


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Yo can split the SF2 with Polyphone Soundfont Editor. It’s really easy

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Yes, but I can’t reach the download page for Polyphone, even after disabling all security! I’ll have a play with TouchOSC and send some midi control commands from there, that should work.

So I set up a set of buttons sending program control values in TouchOSC and it works fine, allowing the change of patch mid song. Thanks all for the help.


Is there a limit to the size of SF2 that can be uploaded to the Dwarf? I’ve got one across that is around 210MB, but another that is just over 500MB fails - the GUI file manager screen comes up with “internal server error”.

to be honest I didnt try to push such a big file.
I guess it fails due to lack of RAM, since the upload needs to go into RAM before writing to disk.

Not much that can be done there. I want to suggest using SFZ files (since those are all separate small files), but we dont have everything for ready for that just yet.

The alternative is to use SSH, but that is not very user friendly.


I’ll give it a go with SSH, if I can drag my memory back to the days when I was using Unix regularly! Otherwise it’s not a real problem, I’ll try to break the SF2 down into individual instruments/patches.

haha you are the adventurer type then, great :slight_smile:
you will find the files under /data/user-files/


Got there in the end, once I’d worked out how to deal with the gap in the directory name :grin: I eventually found all the other copies that had file names such as “datauser-files” (in the wrong data directory!)

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For anyone interested I now have a TouchOSC control panel that will increase or decrease the programcontrol sent to the Dwarf, show you what number is being used and not allow it to go out of range (thanks Hexler support :grin:)


Great! Sounds interesting :slight_smile: I’m in!


Video? :grin:

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