Help on changing Snapshots or Pedalboards via MIDI

hi there!

Still trying to figure out the best setup and more questions keep appearing.

I’m really interested in the use of Snapshots. Using Elektron machines, for me it’s very common to do one different song on each pattern. Everytime, the chain fx is totally different (at least in parameters). And I just thought that it would be mind blowing to have my pedalboard recalled everytime i switch patterns, setting the paramaters according to the pattern.

Is it possible to do this by changing Snapshots via MIDI prog change?

Yes, this can be done.

On your Mod itself (not the web interface), goto the MIDI menu. From there you can select the MIDI channel (from 1 - 16) you want to use for Snapshop program change. You can also set the MIDI channel for loading pedalboards…

Then, create your Snapshot and note the order in which they are as that order will be the number you send as MIDI PC value on the choosen channel.

I use this with an iPad software called " Setlist Maker" where I only have to tap on the song to select it and all my rig is instantly set for that song including my Dwarf.


this is amazing, thank you very much Simon! i will try right now :smiley: