Help needed! Dwarf footswitch broke off. What to do?

My footswitch broke off during a gig. It fell from a chair and landed on the side. Any idea how to replace it? Where can I get an extra footswitch? Is this something I could do myself? Waiting for support to reply.

Kind regards Imaginus

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Repair is easy.
This switch is a common momentary switch.
It can be replaced after disassembling it with a screwdriver.
Soldering is required, but very easy.
I did not like the standard switch, so I replaced it with a third party switch and it works very lightly.


Thank you! Do you have any link on where to order? I am super happy with my Dwarf, but realizing that since it is so advanced and can replace almost anything, it also leaves you very vulnerable to accidents like this. Good thing I backed one extra, exactly for these situations. :sunglasses:

I purchased it from the following site
But it may only be available here in Japan…

A general mometary switch is fine. You can buy it at your local music store.

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I see. So it`s just about the right size then?