Help! Dwarf doesn't see my pedalboard anymore

It strarted with “Bug! Cannot save pedalboard!” message. Then it failed to load it, and now it’s not even in the list. However I can still see the directory via SSH (would attach zip here, but can’t).

I’d really appreciate any help! Put quite some effort into it (mapped 32 midi params for example), hope I can still avoid redoing this all from scratch

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Check the owner of the folder where the pedalboards reside and the owner of the files themselfes.
I think this happens if the owner is set to root, in this case you can change it with the chown command to mod. ( Maybe check the other folders and files for their owner to see if thats right. )
Any chance this is the problem?

Checked it on my ModDuo and there all the pedalboards and the pedalboard folder is set to root, so that should not be the problem. Still maybe check the owner of the folders, maybe there’s something wrong.

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Since you mention SSH, please scp it out and send it to me over a private message.

My guess is some data corruption bug, hopefully most of the PB contents are still there…


Thanks a lot! I was able to fix it myself after all. Certainly should’ve kept the broken zip and send to you for debug, but didn’t - cannot find it anywhere - sorry :pensive: Here’s roughly what happened:

  • After getting “couldn’t save” message I tried to Save As, chosen new name BSPro (was BSPro Drums Amp)
  • Got “couldn’t save” again
  • UI stopped respodnding, device refused to save, saying “disconnect UI first”
  • rebooted device
  • PB disappeared
  • looked through the files and noticed manifest.ttl has rdfs:seeAlso <BSPro_Drums_Amp.ttl> but the file nearby was already BSPro.ttl
  • updated manifest.ttl
  • was able to load PB again, “Saved As” successfuly this time