HELP! Duo X booting but no sound and will not connect to browser


Ok, so last night I saved my pedalboard, closed my browser and switched-off my Duo-X as usual.

This morning, I go to do some more stuff and the browser won’t connect.

It starts to load, but then it just stops and says “disconnected”

The device itself boots to the correct screen and the LCD correctly shows the pots etc that I have enabled and is responding to them with movement. There is no sound out of the device.

I have tried another browser, and I have performed a system restore. Same result.

How to reproduce

Plug usb into device and Windows laptop.
Switch-on device.
Open Browser.
Connect through browser to device.

Expected/suggested solution

Browser would continue to load current pedalboard.
Whether connected to browser or not, sound would be available to headphones when instrument played to input.

Additional information


Windows 11, using firefox (also tried chrome, but I think the issue is with the device)

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Might be a plugin crashing, taking down the audio host with it.
Can you try loading a different pedalboard from within the device?


That’s possible, I tried a new beta plugin last time it loaded ok.

I don’t know how to access other boards without the browser (only had it a few days) but I’ll consult the guide and try it.


YES, that solved it. THANK YOU!

Should I mention which plugin seems to have caused the issue?


Please do. Getting in this state is something that we try to avoid, even if plugins are in beta.


@falkTX Ok then, well that would be Samplv1 in the generator category.