Headphone Socket Broken - Advice

I would be grateful for any advice to successfully repair my MOD Dwarf.

My clumsiness has resulted the PCB mounted 3.5mm headphone socket becoming detached from the PCB.

A simple resolder I had hoped, however its not quite that simple.

The above picture shows the jack socket placed (not reattached or soldered) in the correct position.

The above picture shows the detached socket next to the PCB


This last picture shows a close up of the parts of the PCB and Socket that are of concern.
The area in the red highlighted box shows where the copper pad was located on the PCB.
The area in the blue highlighted box shows where the copper pad has remained soldered to the leg of the socket.

It appears to me that the copper track runs off from the top right of the missing copper pad (within the red box).

My thoughts are to carefully removed some of the lacquer from the top right of the missing copper pad area, exposing a copper track. Once copper is exposed, glue detached copper pad back into place, then ensure continuity with a solder track. The other two legs appear to be easily resoldered.

The DWARF can still be used without the headphone socket, but I don’t want to damage anything else when repairing it.

Any advice from the MOD team, who will have access to the PCB diagram, would be most welcome, or indeed anyone else who has repaired detached copper pads/tracks on PCBs.

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On my Duo, I had to “recreate” a copper track with some solder wick after I accidentally broke it while changing the power section inductances (hardware fix to some noise issue on early Duos).
I had a terrible moment of cold sweating, but years on, my Duo is still alive and kicking (and the noise is gone)


The thing was that I didn’t have a hot gun. Using a soldering iron on this type of smd boards is really not advised.

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Hi @Andy_Frizzle, unfortunately I have now the same problem. How you solved it??

I tried sticking the copper back onto the PCB, then soldering socket back into place, but this has not worked for me. In the absence of any info/advice from MOD my headphone socket no longer works.


Only thing you can do is to fix it with a solder iron. Remove the stuck pad from the pin. Resolder the headphone jack to the remaining pads. And then it gets delicate…
Either you use a small sharp knive to remove a bit of the solder stop mask at the remaining trace line and resolder a small wire between the audio jack pin and the now free trace copper, or you follow the trace to the next part it’s connected to, and solder a wire to that pin and the audio jack pin.

Is there some kind of shop near you, that does some electronic repairs? They should be able to do that.

On Andys photos it seems the cut-off trace is connected to the resistor abeve it. That seems to be the easiest solution.

Also if you were able to resolder it, consider to add some glue to the headphone jack, since you lost the stability from the missing solderpad.

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Thanks for your support. I think about it, or maybe I go for this other option:

At the end, or I use the outputs at rehearsal or the headphones at home.

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