Headphone Impedance

I think I’ve figured out why I’m getting little dynamics from guitar / dwarf- it must be 30 quid Sony headphones I’m using.

Does anyone know what recommended impedance headphones I should use direct out from dwarf?

Best Nelly

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I think this is a spec that all companies overlook but is a huge part of the UX. Even a “up to” rating would help users get the most out of their units by allowing users to pair with optimal headphones.

And if anyone has an answer for the OP, I would love to know if the same spec applies to the MDX.

Follow up to this question:

  • Plugged in a set of 250 Ohm monitor headphones, and the MOD Duo X seemed to have no issues with driving them.
  • Didn’t notice any loss of volume or audio quality.

Can’t speak for the Dwarf, but maybe someone could confirm if the same headphone setup from the DUO X was carried over to the Dwarf.

Yes I’m exploring getting some 250ohm phones but unsure if I need a headphone amp to use with dwarf

I just this on the wiki spec for dwarf

  • Headphone output:
    • 3.5mm TRS Stereo connection
    • 2x105mW @ 16 ohms
    • Mirrors main output
    • Digital volume control from -33dB to +12dB, adjustable in 3dB steps