Hardware UI Freeze

Hey there,

i just changed some settings on my dwarf.
page device settings 2. right after turning the knob the device froze.
the center led lighted up.

after restart, the device boots normally, but pressing shift then instantly freezes it again.

sounds like some array out of index error maybe?!
which is now persisted and called on pressing shift…

so i supect some controller<->mainboard communication issue.

doing a device settings reset in the “dangerous menu” did not change any.

i am on the latest firmware and have ssh access if needed (available after freeze luckily, so the kernel did not crash).

happy to debug this thoroughly with you :slight_smile:

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ouch, yup you are correct, there was a wrongly set index in there causing an item to go out of bounds.

Already fixed and a build is running, it should pop up on your device in about 20 minutes or so.

Thanks for reporting!

To be clear, build 1932 has the fix.

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fix working. latest firmware solved this.