Hardware input/output gain/level

A plugin on the pedalboard would be useful to switch the MOD hardware gain levels (in my case the MOD DUO). As I use the DUO on different amplifiers, with different instruments, directly on the input and also on the send/return, changing profiles does not solve my problem, since I need fine adjustments all the time and it is unfeasible to make these adjustments so that the Bypass and the processed signal are equalized.
I use the by pass a lot, as I configured it via MIDI to activate the BYPASS every time I change pedalboards, avoiding cuts.

In my case, I’m using:

  • GUITAR - BOSS SD1 - Tube amplifier (I adjust the pre-amplification gain several times, either to make it cleaner or dirtier) - SEND - MOD DUO - RETURN.

Not to mention that I only use the other channel sometimes for vocals, and sometimes for another guitar.

Finally, is it possible to control these parameters in a way other than through SYSTEM - PROFILES?
I noticed that there is a delay in assigning parameters while I regulate, but this wouldn’t be a problem for me if I could access the Knobs more quickly and be able to assign preset values via MIDI or via the mod or FX4 buttons.

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