Hardware feature request for next MOD Device

Hey there!

As I’ve begun to explore the dwarf and it’s midi capabilities, I found one thing I’d like to see in the future of mod devices.


I have been experimenting a lot with wireless midi, most notably the CME WidiJacks. They are pretty solid device for what I do.

Unfortunately, with the MOD Dwarf, I have to run external power to the widi jack (kinda kills the wireless experience) instead of having a powered midi out port like most of my synths.

I am not sure when you’ll make another hardware revision, or even if it’s an economical issue, but I’d request implementing this when you decide to do so.

I love this Dwarf and I’m starting to really itch for a DUO X to pair with it.

Keep on making awesome pedals for us!


Not a solution and not to take away from your request, but are you using the USB for anything currently?

If not could you power the widi jack from that?

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I do use the USB port for a Bluetooth dongle. using the dongle seems to mitigate ground loop noise by a factor of 10.

If there was a secondary USB-A port or integrated Bluetooth I’d have just used the mod dwarf to power the widijack.

I’d have to assume that it would be much more cost efficient to route power to the midi jack rather than integrating a Bluetooth chip, or adding another USB-A port, but then again, I’ve never designed or built a product from the ground up before.

I’d also imagine that if there was an integrated Bluetooth option, all midi could be handled that way, and then the widijack would be a moot point.

I’m doing just fine with what I’m working with now, but it’d be next level to only have to plug audio and power cables in the device. It’s as clean of a unit as you can get for what it offers as it stands. This suggestion is just one more thing that would put it over the top imo


Did you try using a usb hub?
So you can have the bluetooth dongle and still other ports for powering up devices up to 5v

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I did not. I was initially hoping that I would not need to add external power to the device whether it came from the USB port or a charger.

I’m currently powering the widijack from a powered USB hub that is not connected to the dwarf. I just have the BT dongle plugged in.

At this point it’s be easier to go back to my RK-006 and return all of the widijacks. It’d save more desk space and have the same amount of cables.

Powered midi port would save the desk space, cabling, and power supply/hub.

Obviously there are more things to be focused on, but I did want to add that suggestion.

Mounted on a pedalboard, a USB hub is a great solution. On the desk, I agree that it can get a little messier here because of the cables. But that also depends a bit on which USB hub you use. I also have a Bluetooth dongle and the Widi-Jack on mine.


I’m in a similar situation, but on the desktop. I’ll try out my USB hub today. I’m just concerned about ground noise.

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I have no problems with ground noise in my setup. There are no audio sources involved and the power supply comes from the Dwarf. So the risk should be very low.


You’re using just a standard usb hub?

The one I have is externally powered since some of my gear had USB midi as well as power running from the same port.

Can’t wait to try my Duo with a MIDI Jack. I have one on the way.


Show us how it works :wink:

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I Will as soon as it arrives and I can test it.

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