Hey is there any effect i can use as hardgate, i love the hardgate at helix but not being able to have one at mod duo annoys me.

What’s a hardgate ? You have a link where we can hear an example ?

Hardgate is a village in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland

Google provides not a lot on the topic, but I’ve found the following definition at POD forums:

An hard gate is an easy but quite interesting tool (for high gain rigs).
Basically you have 2 parameters:

  1. a “close” threshold (in dB)
  2. an “open” threshold (in dB)

When the input signal (coming from the guitar) become lower than the close threshold, the gate “close” and no signal will come out of it until the input signal will become higher than the open threshold.

Sounds to me like something that can be achieved with a combination of Audio2CV, CV Gate and a Volume plugins or something like that.

But there were a lot of noise gate plugins in the store, aren’t they doing something like that already?

I’ve tried to do PoC CV based hard gate according to this definition just for fun, not sure if it is great but it does something.


Very cool solution! @ignis32

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