Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who observe it!


Just wanted to give you good vibes for the coming holidays!

I know Thanksgiving is an American thing, but if you’re celebrating or gathering with family/friends/loved ones this weekend, I hope you all have a blast!

Hope all is well!


good vibes to all! always a good thing!..

even though i’m canadian, i’ll probably watch some american football! :wink:


Ayyy, well feel free to enjoy that!

I’m one of the weird ones who played sports, but will never watch them lol


haha… baseball is pretty compelling for me. i jump on the NFL with my son, just 'cuz he’s into it… there are some interesting storylines to follow from time to time. :wink:


I played baseball for 12 years when I was younger, great game to play, hard game to watch lmao

Hopefully you get some good bonding time :slight_smile:


Thanks @Elk_wrath, hope you have a good time there. (Hey, maybe you can come up with the Mod Thanksgiving Theme? :wink:

We’ll be in videoconference with our folks in the US, but in lieu of turkey and gravy we’ll have some cheese and wine. Where I live in Northern Italy the milk is fabulous and so is wine. We’ll take advantage of local products and the 36-month seasoned Trentingrana cheese will replace my beloved Wisconsin cave-aged cheddar!

Agreed. :rofl:

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


…oh man. now you’ve given me something to hunt down, up here in Toronto! :heart_eyes:


Go for it !! :slight_smile:

Toronto’s Eataly has a 22-month aged one – but get ready to be slapped a non-cheesy price for it, if you catch my drift! :wink:

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Hey, maybe you can come up with the Mod Thanksgiving Theme? :wink:

Haha just saw this, unfortunately I’m not in the position to make anything for the time being. It’s peak season at my job, so I’m working bizarre hours, sometimes up to 18-20 hours a day.

Once peak settles back down, and I get some of my time back, I’ll be working on stuff again.

I’m sure the European users of this site just balked at mentioning the 18-20 hour shifts, and rightfully so. It’s inhuman, but it’s the logistics world that a lot of people don’t consider haha

I have new gear arriving soon that I’ll need to get intimate with; but as long as I get some free time, I’ll do my best to record a jam.

Hope you are well!


Zero worries, Elk. 'Tis the time. Glad you are working. Past 26 December you’ll be back to life!

(In the US I had a neighbour who worked for UPS. I’d see last his face on Thanksgiving and then on the following year.)

We’ll be eagerly waiting!

Haha, reminds me of when I moved to Italy. I applied for a job that had a “very intense” work schedule: 38 hours a week. The HR lady talking to me said that 5 times during the interview – “It is 38 hours/week, you have to keep that in mind!” At one point I said: “Madam, I am used to hitting the 38-hour mark on Wednesday afternoon.”

I must have spooked the hell out of her, for she never called me back! :wink:

Very true.

It’s a fact that Europe makes it easier to achieve work-life balance. Work weeks are capped at 48 hours to a maximum of 4 months, mandatory breaks whenever a workday reaches 6 hours, and 4 full weeks weeks paid vacation (= 22 vacations days in the US). Now each country can cap at lower levels and/or have schedules in place for peak seasons – like hotel/restaurant workers during the summer – but that comes with generous overtime and does not exceed four months.

(Of course, a number of people work without contracts, and therein lies a lot of abuse, where people put 10-hour shifts getting paid very little.)


Not really…I already worked around the same amount of hours in a row (not for MOD!) and if we were not stopping it we would stay there the double haha

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Weird, thought for sure that the EU had labor laws that restricted weekly hours worked. I know the benefits over there are amazing.

Luckily my job is union, so we actually get fair pay and real benefits. My daughter got covid a month ago, and the bill for the ER visit was over 7 thousand dollars, with my union bennies we paid like 140 bucks.

I mean sure, I have to work like 65 hours a week sometimes, but it’s worth it lol

I love being part time, it gave me a new perspective on work/life balance. However, my synth addiction requires a full time job lol

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That place didn’t really care much about the “labor laws” haha

loool yeah…an expensive addiction


Hello @Elk_wrath ,

some gnomes or elves pushed around your post here, exactly.
I hope you don’t mind.

By the way, how was the Trentingrana?
Best wishes!

Greetings and God bless, Marius


Hey Marius!

All good here, seems like all the old threads are getting resurrected as they get jostled about.

For the Trentingrana, @QuestionMarc is the man to ask about that.

Since I am American, we are only allowed to eat kraft singles