GxTuner source code


I use MOD Desktop mainly on Linux and added several plugins built by mod-plugin-builder.
I want to use this Audio2MIDI pedalboard but GxTuner doesn’t produce MIDI signals.

I use GxTuner version 43.0 which doesn’t generate MIDI signals.
My MOD Dwarf’s version is 43.0-24 which sends MIDI signals.

Can I find the source code of version 43.0-24 on the Internet to build by mod-plugin-builder?

When you are familiar with the mod-plugin-builder you could just build GxTuner from there. The build script is called guitarix-gxtuner.mk

Thanks @brummer.

Do I need modification of the guitarix-gxtuner.mk?

Without removing host-python and host-intltool from GUITRIX_GXTUNER_DEPENDECIES, I couldn’t build GxTuner.
And built GxTuner doesn’t produce MIDI signals.

If need modification, which version of guitarix generates MIDI signals?

No, that’s how I build it local here as well.

But, you know that you must switch midi output ON in the parameter page, by default it is OFF.

Thanks again @brummer.

I’m sorry for such an ignorance.
Sometimes I miss some important points because I’m not a native English speaker.

Then GxTuner has no problem from the start.
Thank you.