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The BoobTube is a more versatile variation of the ValveCaster, a famous DIY guitar pedal schematic first put together in 2007 by Matsumin. The BoobTube offers a warm, harmonically rich range of tones, from bright fuzzes to darker distortions, without actually colouring the sound. The DIY project quickly became popular amongst sound enthusiasts searching for that tube-y goodness. Features: Modeled by Guitarix

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So how will I get this onto my Mod Duo? Is it available in the store yet?

Greetings and God bless, Marius

Yes, it’s in the store,

Thank you @brummer,

right after I wrote this I connected my mod duo and it downloaded automagically.
Thank you Hermann for all your time investment.

God bless, Marius

I’ve nearly forgotten about that one, now, I’ve put it on my dwarf in front of the clean channel of my new Marshall MG15 and have a lot of fun. The overdrive channel from the MG15 wasn’t really pleasant to me.