GuitarX - GxSVT - Bass preamp simulation

I like to announce GxSVT.lv2 here.

Well, it’s a analogue simulation of the bright channel from the (*)Ampeg SVT Bass Preamp, the 61XX series.
Additional I’ve added a (selectable) Cabinet simulation circuit which simulate the Mesa Bogie V-Twin cabinet, of course, not really a bass cabinet, but I’ve tweaked it a bit to behave like a 4x10 Celestion.

It’s available in the, currently called “unstable”, community store.

(*)Other product names modeled in this software are trademarks of their respective companies that do not endorse and are not associated or affiliated with this simulation. Ampeg is trademark or trade name of other manufacturer and was used merely to identify the product whose sound was reviewed in the creation of this product. All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.


looking forward to trying this out :slightly_smiling_face:

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I wanted to give this good-looking thingy a go, but somehow fail to find it. Going to “plugin store” --> “update all” --> search for gxvst. There are some unstable plugins listed and the respective option is ticked under settings. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

it’s gxsvt not gsvst :grinning:

may be easier to just search for “guitarix”, or just “gx” and check out the list.

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GxSVT is in the “stable” now. I’ll soon (Monday/Tuesday) taking care of all other plugins waiting for publishing.


I’ve been using this plugin for the bass side of the NS/Stick with the cab off and use the GxCabinet plugin to choose a cab that I like.
Sounds great!