Guitarx - GxSunFace

GySunFace is a analogue simulation of the classic SunFace Fuzz pedal.

This one is adjusted to work as well with MOD Input Gain Stage set to “Low”.
But, it will work as well with stage at “Mid” or “High”. You’ll properly need to adjust the input and volume control to cover your gain-stage settings.

Pull request is send to mod-plugin-builder here:


Hi @brummer. thanks again for a nice new fuzz simulation.

I must say it sounds great for adding some (or a LOT of) dirt to a synth, even though this might not be the official purpose of it :wink:

GxSunFace has been published and is now available from the community “unstable” plugin store. I really do recommend especially the synth players among us to check out this plugin!

To all those interested: don’t forget to provide @brummer with feedback if you have any, the last two of his plugins really benefited from the community feedback.



Thanks @jesse
I’m glade you like it. :grinning:

To give others a hint of what this plug sounds like, here is a example:


It actually sounds okay direct… Probably will add depth with a cabinet sim.
Looking forward to trying it myself!

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Yes, you are right. This one works very well in front of a ampsim, or just a Cabinet sim.

Still I wonder if it makes any sense to push the AxisFace simulation?

Still, development is life. :rofl: Or life is development? :star_struck: