Guitarx - GxLiquidDrive

Liquid Drive provides a tonal response with a warm mild to aggressive overdrive, which can do anything from Blues to Hard Rock

It’s a simulation based on the Ross Distortion Pedal, for modifications in use, see her:
Fuzz Central -- Liquid Drive

This one is the perfect addition to my previous announced GxKnightFuzz plug, both running in parallel will give you the full control about your distortion flavour.

hope you enjoy it like I’m do.

Pull request is here:


Hi @brummer, thanks yet again for a nice addition to the plugin store!

I have published the GxLiquiddrive plugin to the community “unstable” plugin-store.

You made a small typo in your pull request, so consider doing a git pull to get your mod-plugin-builder on the same page (folder name was gxliquidedrive instead of gxliquiddrive).

Thanks again.


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