Guitarix livelooper mix control

anyone else playing with the guitarix livelooper plugin? (it’s in unstable)

it seems like all 4 loops, and the plugin overall, always pass through the incoming signal along with playing the loops. and the “mix” knob doesn’t seem to do anything – i always hear the incoming signal and the loop(s) equally.

so, what happens is that if i have the level of all 4 loops up at full and have no loops recorded, i get 5x the incoming signal (and turning the mix knob makes no difference).

even if i turn all 4 loops all the way down, there’s still an incoming signal passed through, again regardless of the mix knob setting.

am i missing something about how this is supposed to work, or is this actually broken? :stuck_out_tongue:

…eagerly waiting for a functional multi-looper with speed control and reverse…

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Yes, it’s broken, a simple typo in the source. The fix should be:

diff --git a/trunk/src/LV2/gx_livelooper.lv2/ b/trunk/src/LV2/gx_l$
index 959331e..92f4073 100644
--- a/trunk/src/LV2/gx_livelooper.lv2/
+++ b/trunk/src/LV2/gx_livelooper.lv2/
@@ -528,7 +528,7 @@ void always_inline LiveLooper::compute(int count, float *in$
     float speed3 = fspeed3;
     float speed4 = fspeed4;
     // engine var settings
-       float   fSlow0 = (0.0010000000000000009f * powf(10,(0.05f * gain)));
+       float   fSlow0 = (0.0010000000000000009f * powf(10,(0.05f * fgain)));
        float   fSlow1 = gain_out;
     int        iSlow3 = int(record1);
        int     iSlow4 = int((1 - freset1));

sweet… who has the ability and access to push this fix through to the MOD?


I do. Pushed an update just now.

The only inconvenience is that pushing a simple update to guitarix plugins involves updating the version for all of them.


hey @falkTX… i’m just re-visiting this in a current pedalboard.

should version 1:28.3-9 show this fix? the “mix” knob still seems to do nothing for me… my plugin store doesn’t show any updates beyond that.

…or did you mean that you pushed the update ~without~ bumping the version number? (since livelooper is an UNstable guitarix plugin) …i.e. i should re-install?

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it’s such an old thread that I don’t remember anymore, but I guess the fix is supposed to be in the store…

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ok… i re-installed. now it does something, just not what i expected. :slight_smile:

0 plays only the incoming signal. turning the knob clockwise adds the loops until, at 150, we hear both loops and incoming equally. i guess that’s the design?

i was hoping for a full balance control… i.e. only incoming signal at one extreme and only loops at the other extreme, with various degrees of crossfade in between.

but perhaps that’s not how people expect loopers to work? would there be any disadvantage to adding that?.. it just means the current situation would occcupy the first half of the control’s movement, and then it would carry on towards only loops in the second half.

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The guitarix livelooper was designed for linear systems (eg. guitarix), therefore it wont touch the incoming signal. The mix control isn’t a dry/wet control, but a “mix in” control.
It will be easy to make it a dry/wet control indeed, . . . .

hi @brummer… sorry for the necro-bump! :stuck_out_tongue:

any chance you’ve given this any more thought? i’m currently putting a (momentary ON) toggleswitch in front of the guitarix livelooper, so i can just toggle audio in whenever i want to record a loop… this is for use in a “non-linear” board, where i don’t want pass-through happening. in the MOD context, it seems like a dry/wet control might better cover the available use cases. :wink:

…and, while i’ve “got you on the phone”: i’m curious about the restriction of loop speed; down to -0.9 is indeed waaaaaaaay low (yay!), but up to 0.9 doesn’t even get us to an octave up. for my particular use case, i’d use an upwards range to 4.0 or 5.0, for some super-chirpy effects when i need them! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

i’ve been looking at coding a looper with all these things in gen~, but those two changes would really just make your livelooper tick all my boxes!

thanks a lot for all your work; the guitarix plugins are really great!



hi @plutek
Well, reworking the LiveLooper to fit the requirements of a “non-linear” board like the MOD, will only be possible when I write a extra version, as I wouldn’t change that behaviour in the version comes with guitarix.
I’ve already thinks about to do that several times, but it always ended up behind other stuff I want to do.


of course! i totally understand, @brummer.

is there any possibility you might extend the upwards speed range, and still be compatible with your vision for guitarix?

Yes, that wouldn’t harm. But, that wouldn’t mean you’ll get that on the MOD, as the MOD using it’s own fork of guitarix to keep the plugs in a stable version (even for those which are in beta). To get that into the MOD you better ssh into your MOD and edit the gx_livelooper.ttl. Increase the maximum values for speed1 - speed4 to your needs and voila.


beautiful. many thanks, @brummer!


ok… i changed the speed1 - speed4 max values to 5.0 and saved the .ttl file. unfortunately, the actual playback speed still doesn’t go higher than 0.9.

in the plugin parameter view, when i increment the speed knob with the mouse it doesn’t go higher than 0.9. if i assign that parameter to a device knob, then the number display does go all the way to 5, but the playback speed still stops going up at 0.9. …looking at the parameter view when changing via a device knob, the onscreen knob has travelled fully clockwise at 0.9, and then the number box continues up to 5, with no further change in speed.

anything else i might need to change in the .ttl to make this work, or is it actually not possible?

thanks much for your help, @brummer!

Normally not. Maybe increase the lv2:microVersion, or, do a reboot, it may be a cache issue.


aha… Duo X reboot fixed it… thanks so much!

two other questions, if you’re willing to engage: :slight_smile:

  • is there any way, just editing the .ttl file, to simply prevent passthrough of the dry signal?

  • in the .ttl, there are parameters which appear not to be used by MOD devices… i’m curious: what are bar1 - bar4 and playh1 - playh4?


No, that needs to be done in the source code.

Those are output ports, bar1-4 is used to indicate if the available record space is full, so switch the record button off. playh1-4 shows the playhead position.
This is the LiveLooper X11 based UI, the playhead is above the buttons. Whenever I’ll do a special version from it for the MOD, I may made a similar UI for it.


cool… thanks again for the hacking help! :wink: