Guitar Tone Quiz Time

I’ve really come to love the CAPS ampvts and cabIV, I was playing with them last night. Its easy to adjust the compression, the balance of preamp and power tube clipping, and the eq. They’re really well tuned so its nearly impossible to get a bad tone out of them, but I don’t know classic guitar equipment well enough to figure out what products he’s referencing. So I’m wondering if you more savvy folks can figure them out.

here are the cabs:
0 mega wookie 800
1 mega wookie 812
2 mega wookie 828
3 mega wookie 868
4 mega wookie 908
5 mega wookie 912
6 mega wookie 936
7 mega wookie 968
8 mega wookie 992
9 unmatched
10 twin A
11 twin B
12 twin C
13 blue A
14 blue B
15 tweedie A
16 tweedie B
17 mini wookie A
18 mini wookie B
19 rosie A
20 rosie B
21 indigo
22 angel
23 sixty-one
24 sixty-two

And the tone stacks in the amp:
0 basswoman
1 stanford
2 wookie
3 DC 30
4 juice 800
5 twin
6 AK 20
7 nihon ace
8 porky

Here’s what I think I know:
0 mega wookie XXX - mesa boogie
9 unmatched - matchless
10 twin A - fender twin
13 blue A - orange?

0 basswoman - fender bassman
1 stanford
2 wookie - mesa?
3 DC 30 - AC30
4 juice 800 - is this a marshall JCM800?
5 twin - fender twin

Anyhow, if you can get more of them or more specific than that, I’m curious what these tones I’m hearing are. I know I should just use my ears and pick the tones I like best, but I’d like to be able to say "I like the tone of XXXX amp and cab."
Good luck on the quiz :smiley:



You’re already farther along than I am, I can understand not treading on copyrights but the naming scheme there is so obscure I find it quite annoying.

I would guess ‘Stanford’ is a Fender Princeton Reverb (an early 1960’s tube amp bigger than the 5Watt Champ I believe)

I’m not that keen on the AmpVTS but I agree the Cab IV plugin is indispensible.

In my experience so far the ‘sixty-one’ and ‘sixty-two’ cabs are Marshall inspired with those nice lows and the Tweedie A&B are by their namesakes very vintage tweed Fender inspired (perhaps Bassman and Showman era?) and also sound very legit. In all of these cases I don’t know what exact cabinets and driver sizes he’s going for. The Guitarix cab sims are much more descriptive in this regard.

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Hi guys

Loved the topic @ssj71

I have a special care to the Caps suite, specially the AmpVTS + CabinetIV combo. Back there in 2010, they were the plugins that gave me the conviction to actually do all this :slight_smile:

Regarding the names, I never figured them out and I feel a bit annoyed too.

The documentation doesn’t say much.

I’d love to have them as presets! :smiley:


On one hand… I don’t care what they are… but on the other hand… how do I communicate with other players when trying to get a sound or try to explaining my sound.

Although it’s not important to me personally I still need to be able to communicate with other musicians and engineers. Knowing the model gives me the vocabulary to discuss with them.

I’m sure there are many other musicians like me who are going straight to digital and don’t know these classic amps and cabs. I wonder if a new vocabulary will emerge…

Just my thoughts…

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An ancient version of the cab plugin included:
‘unmatched’, as I still like to call it. A Matchless Chieftain.
the same, but the recording was taken with the microphone on-axis.
Superchamp (a Fender, isn’t it?)
Fender Vibrolux 68
Marshall 'Plexi’
Mesa Boogie
Pro Jr (?)

And for tone stacks:
'59 Bassman
’69 Twin Reverb
’64 Princeton
’59/'81 JCM 800
’78 Club & Country
’59/'86 AC-30

Hello @ssj71, @GMaq, @gianfranco, @Skydiver and @dan_remaincalm,

I know this topic has been abandoned for 552 days, but can still someone of you enlighten us regarding the cabinet models? Is it fdorbidden to say which real manufacturers’ equivalent a cab is modelled after?
I guess cabs 1 to 8 means the quantity and diameter of cones in mesa cabinets, but I don’t know exactly.
It would make sense for new/ unexperienced pedalboard builders like me to have a little more documentation at hand

Thanks in advance and God bless, Marius


If you want I tryed to make a google doc to find out this :


Not necessarily but some developers are cautious about it. Keep in mind the actual effects on the mod (with a very few exceptions) were actually developed by outside devs, many of which have never used a mod device.

The particular developer of the CAPS plugins especially does not seem to engage much in the audio community that I’ve seen, the most we get from him is an occasional release announcement. To be fair though I’ve never reached out to contact him. You could send an email and ask about these.

I’m relatively new at being a tone nerd, but my guess is that the two “Blue” cabs would almost certainly refer to the blue-colored Celestion AlNiCo speakers found in early (and modern) VOX AC-15 and AC-30 cabs. Celestion also makes “Rubys,” which may or may not be represented by the “rosie” A and B cabs.

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This thread is another reason to show a Mod to people such as Rick Beato

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I guess the Porky is the Pignose ?

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I found the origin cabs in the source, and have updated the spreadsheet.

basswoman 59 Bassman 5F6-A
stanford 64 Princeton AA1164
wookie Mesa Dual Rect. ‘Orange’
DC 30 Vox “top boost”
juice 800 59/81 JCM-800 Lead 100 2203
twin 69 Twin Reverb AA270
AK 20 Hughes & Kettner Tube 20
nihon ace Roland Jazz Chorus
porky Pignose G40V