Guitar Synth: Godin + Modduo?

Recently I’m looking at buying a Godin guitar with a Synth output (13 pins DIN type - more details here under the SA access section)
From what I understand Modduo cannot use this as an input (it’s not a Midi input per say), another box has to be put in between, such as the Roland GR-55.
It seems an approach to use a guitar as a guitar synth would be to use a Fishman triple play and set it on any guitar, and plug the usb key in the modduo.
My question would then be: am I right thinking that there’s no advantage from the Godin Guitar to be used a Guitar Synth with the modduo ?
Either you have to add another box (not the goal for me), or you have to use a Fishman Tripe play (which would enable any guitar, without taking advantage of the Godin’s system).


Definitely Fishman triple play, works really well with Mod Duo, plug & play…

edit: …if you mean a Godin nylon string guitar; now that’s different…
the Godin would be your best choice - since the Fishman doesn’t work on nylon strings,
for obvious reasons… :slight_smile:

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…and don’t buy the Fishman second hand…
I did, and missed out on half of the wonders of the system…
first buyer gets to download samples & software, no one else… :frowning:

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But I would not be able to play a Godin like the spectrum in the Modduo I think. I would need an intermediate box, so I’m not too crazy about that path.
But good point on the Nylon strings & triple play… :smiley:
thanks !

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All the Godin SA guitars are 13 pin so you would need another box, for me (and I have a lot of different ones) the Axon AX100 Mkii is the best 13 pin midi convertor. If you want nylon strings you have to go this way.

Godin also do a TriplePlay range but they are all electrics I think, the nearest to an acoustic would be the Montreal which they do with TriplePlay.

Otherwise get the non SA version and add a triple play pickup to it.


Off-topic but on the subject of guitar-midi I’d strongly recommend checking out the software-only approach from

I was amazed at its tracking speed and accuracy - not perfect, but certainly better than my old GK2.

There’s even an iphone app version which would work for live without a laptop.

Have you tried it as a VST on Linux, maybe?

Hi @leDamien

A bit delayed but hopefully still in time

We own a Godin with the Triple Play at the office and it works impressively well, with the following caveat. The built-in Triple Play from Godin is super neat because it is seamlessly integrated but I today believe that buying a separate Tripe Play makes a better deal. The Godin built-in has a very crappy and short lasting battery and the thing needs energy to run. To make it even worse, it provides a very flimsy micro-USB port for charging and I today need to keep fiddling with the cable in order to have it charged.

The off-the-shelf Triple Play adapts quite well to most guitars and you have the great option to have your guitar back-plate doubling as a fat and long lasting battery.

The Godin is a not a bad guitar per se, but I would be happier selecting a guitar I actually prefer and then adding the Triple Play to it.

Regarding the versions with the GR compatible pickups (the 13 pin) I had one Roland GR Pickup attached to a strat and there are two big problems that made this solution unusable to me:

1 - the GR cable is a nightmare on its own. Needing it on top of your normal guitar cable is a real pain.

2 - the GR-to-MIDI converter I used was a Roland GI-20 and the latency was unacceptable. I tried one of those Roland GR guitar synths (with an built in GR jack) and the problems was the same.

I heard about the Axom that @AndyCap mentioned but never tried it myself.

Those are my 2 cents :wink:


Thanks a lot for all your answers
Got to love the forum :grin: what a great time to live


For guitar midi interface I use a Ztar.

I’ve had it for 10+ years so the newer ones are even more fun.
See for examples I performed (played live on Ztar)

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