Guitar and midi

Hi! Can I transform guitar notes to midi notes to control any Mod Duo synth ?

For monophonic (single notes) the Sonuus G2M or I2M are good options.
For Polyphonic (multiple notes) the Fishman Triple Play is amazing.

i use a G2M in front of the MOD,for wind instruments with pickups.

I use a guitar with the Fishman TriplePlay solution and it works like a charm.

The TriplePlay does all the Note-to-MIDI process inside the device itself and sends this to a USB dongle wirelessly.

That said, I simply plug the USB dongle in the back of the Duo and voilá, I have polyphonic MIDI.

The biggest drawback is that I am using a Godin that came with this solution built in and the battery is not the greatest one.

If you go for the general solution and adapt it to your guitar they offer a backplate that is a battery pack and it lasts much more.


Hi! I’ve just got the Fishman TriplePlay but I’m not able to make it sound with Moud duo. I also have the Sonnus G2M and there is no problem with it cause the connection is through the midi input of the Mod but in this case the connection is made with the USB dongle and it appears the Mod doesn’t recognise the signal. Should I active some option in the mod? The controller and the USB are paired.

Thank you!

Do you see your device listed and enabled in the MIDI connections (bottom of the pedalboard screen)?

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Solved! thank you!!

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Is there anyway the MOD Dwarf can be used to to control an external synth using a guitar as the input device? I’ve been reading about about various plugins that were being developed in 2016, but can’t find any mention of whether these would suit my purpose or whether they are still being developed - I gather CPU usage was a limiting factor.

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If you own an IOS device (iPad or iPhone), you should look into this:

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