Groovebox Master FX - MOD Devices


I'm using the Duo to process the Novation Circuit groovebox. The Circuit is sending beats to input 1. These are then sent to a compressor to make them a bit more snappy. It is possible to mix the MDA subsynth in with the compressed signal with the Stereo X-fade. The same plugin also allows us to bypass the subsynth entirely. Then, the CAPS Wider plugin pans the beat very narrow in the center for a more clear seperation between beats and synths. Finally, this signal is fed into the MVerb with a similar dry/wet + bypass construction using the stereo X-fade. On input 2, the Circuit is sending synths. These are first panned very wide, to contrast the beat which is panned very narrow. Afterwards, there is the famous stereo x-fade dry/wet + bypass construction on the Calf Phaser, followed by the same construction but with the MVerb.

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