Granulator - MOD Devices

Mayank Sanganeria

A realtime granulator plays small chunks of audio in the delay time setted

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I don’t know if this is the best place but would like to talk a bit about this plugin.
I really like it buuut when I have some glitchyness going on live and change the delay length I get this really harsh static noise kind of sound.
So the only way I think I can use this live is when I stop playing and then change the delay length and restart playing.

Is there a way to not get this “artifact” effect while changing this knob?
I will keep on trying to understand this effect but was wondering if there’s some other of you that have different use cases.

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I tested this myself. Do you mean the high-pitched sound when?
If yes, without asking for more feedback yet, I’m afraid that these are artifacts generated on the plugin when you change that and I’m not sure if it’s “fixable”. This is a common effect when you change the length of a delay since it needs to rea-just (similar to what happens with analog delays)