Granular and Sampler Progress for the Mod Duo X

Hi there,

Hope you are all staying safe and well? After sometime with the Mod Devices Duo X I have found it a very powerful machine. Great hardware and really reliable. However, I am frustrated by the lack of some plug ins which feel to me really like exactly the kind of thing his device in particular would excel at.

I wondered if anyone has ported the PD versions of things like Mutable Clouds into the Mod Devices world yet? Many thanks M


Speaking of Mutable, I think the Grids code would be awesome in the Duo environment!

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yes, i’m also looking for more flexibility to leverage the Duo and X for really personalized development. i’ve done a lot of development in PD, but things are not really set up to bridge PD->Duo. :frowning:

note, however, this:

…which is a really exciting development, and one of the major reasons why i’m now considering moving from linux to Mac.

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This was something we did some tests with, but since no one in the MOD team is knowledgeable about PD, it is tricky for us to know the best way to go about it.

The code, when we last tested it, has some issues regarding RT (it allocates and uses std::strings during process) which makes it use more DSP time then needed, and there were also some minor compiler things to fix

Maybe some of you would be okay with joining a MOD-related slack channel for such talk?
We do not have plans or time for this right now in our schedule, but does not mean we are not interested. It is really mostly because we lack the expertise needed for PD things.
For the MAX gen~ we were assisted by the MAX developers, they did a lot of work. PD though, there is no central company, we have to figure out stuff ourselves.

Hi there, sure I would be happy to, I wondered, how about converting Some of the Clouds code here straight to Max MSP Gen? Is this possible? Many thanks M

That repo contains design files, not code. or am I missing something?

MAX gen~ does not support CV anyway I believe

Hi there, thanks for getting back to me, maybe someone like Tom Erbe could help you establish some things with PD, he is a wizard!

It feels to me personally that finding a way to make esoteric instruments and unusual processing patches will be a KPI for the Duo X, certainly on the personal front, coming out of owning things like the ER-301, Zoia etc. it feels like a good library of more unusual effects and sound generators would be really key in sustaining a user base to then be able to modify and add to the device via Max etc. There is quite a lot of these type of ideas already floating around in things like PD. Orac for example by the Technobear could also be handy.

Any further thoughts on this? Many thanks M

We are pushing for a way to allow non-MOD developers to push plugins to the store soon (the “Labs” project), so maybe this can just be something the community is able to tackle without having to ask anything from the MOD team.

Personally, I think the fastest of these kinda platforms that we can make work for MOD would be “Cabbage”.
Basically csound modules running as plugins. See

The author is working on LV2 export support.
When that is done, adding a special option for MOD seems quite easy, basically we just need to replace the native binary with a MOD Duo/DuoX/Dwarf optimized one.
The tool could even push the file directly into the unit, as we do with MAX gen~ patches already, since it is just a simple HTTP request.

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Hey there @falkTX, hope you are safe and well during this tricky times. Thanks so much for getting back to me. Just had a look into cabbage, downloaded it and found some Csound patches on line. This is quite a learning curve for someone like me and I guess most musicians looking to use the Mo Duo and Mod Duo X. What I am personally looking for and I guess a lot of people here might enjoy is the ability to create interesting ideas and store them as plug ins etc. I wondered to that end if VCV Rack is compatible with the Mod Devices units? That would seem like a perfect playground for musicians to experiment and then export a patch as a plug in to run on the Mod Duo or Mod Duo X, is that currently possible? Many thanks.

VCV Rack only officially supports 64bit computers, so no it is not compatible.

Ahh I see, perfect thanks for letting me know.Many thanks!

+1 for Cabbage, I learned Csound at college years ago, it would be great to get back into it!

Reg. Cabbage. I think one thing that needs clarification on their website is licensing. From the source code it looks like it’s based on JUCE, which in part has very special dual-licensing that developers would implicitly agree to, while some core parts are ISC-licensed. Maybe I’m wrong, but this would make every plugin based on Cabbage dependent on the JUCE license.

While I know there are a ton of other priorities, putting another vote in here for eventually getting the mutable code ported over. It would cover a lot of gaps on the more synthy-side of the Mod world and open up a lot of new possibilities — like, say, granular effects, the thing I was looking for when I found this thread.

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I will do one better. Been working on lately, the full thing is working on MOD units already. There is no native web gui, but one can use the desktop application/plugin and connect to a MOD unit via USB, simply sending the current patch. I will have more news about this in a few days


Woooohooo! That sounds very promissing. Thank you.

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Oh wow, this is amazing news!

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Mmmm be still, my beating heart.

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Having looked through the Cardinal page properly, I have to say this is genuinely huge news — it completely changes what you can do with the platform.


waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! :heart_eyes: