Global Tempo

On each “scene” I would like to be able to set a global BPM.

There was another discussion about a global BPM so the plugin can set delay times based on the BPM. I like to have 1/4 and dotted 1/8 together for a Gilmore-ish delay. However, the BPM is different for each song and if we are using scenes to navigate parts of songs and between different songs then it should be able to control the BPM.

The BPM should be able to detect from an external MIDI device like a drum machine. Ultimately the user should be able to choose how the BPM is set… Manually or Midi. Delay that detects BPM from Midi

Another idea… (Sorry to keep adding…)

Would it be possible to have folders for each song and have scenes under each of them?
I figure this would be faster than loading a new pedalboard for each song. Quickly scroll through the song list and go!

Thanks for listening…

Global BPM is huge for me as well. I need to be able to tap, and have one delay do 1/4 notes, another delay do dotted 8ths, tremolo do 16s, etc. Saving the global BPM with the scenes would be nice as well.

multiple parameters on a button/pot also seems like a pretty huge feature, but this could be done with a multiplexer plugin once CV is implemented (if CV can turn effects on and off and such.)


I forgot to add the option to tap the BPM.

So it should be able to be set via Manual (or saved), Tap, or external Midi.

I think it’s not only tempo, but musical time (Bar/Beat). The host should allow plugins to optionally sync to a global transport so that plugins can be synchronized (e.g. all share the same downbeat or loop point)

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This is a good point.
If it can sync to a start of a bar with the right BPM then it would be cool. The looper will need to know when to do it if the loop is more than 1 bar long… or a fraction of a bar… (These are just some thoughts that popped in my head…)

The good news is that the underlying infrastructure (JACK and LV2) have mechanisms and semantics for both in place. So it’s down to the host (MOD) to orchestrate and plugins to support it (some of them are already prepared).

Still, integrating this and making a UI incl tempo-tap will be some work

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