Global BPM - addressing range not saved


When assigning an actuator to global BPM, the actuator is saved with the pedalboard, but the range is not.

How to reproduce

  1. Assign global BPM to an actuator.
  2. In the actuator setup window, restrict the BPM range to less than the normal full range.
  3. Save the pedalboard.
  4. Re-open the pedalboard.
  5. The actuator is recalled, but the BPM range is set back to the full default (20-280).

Expected/suggested solution

Properly save and recall both the actuator AND the range for BPM with the pedalboard.

Additional information

  • release:

  • controller: a5fa955

  • Operating system: Linux

  • System version: Manjaro (kernel 4.19.37-rt20-rc1-MANJARO SMP PREEMPT RT)


I’m making a pedalboard for a piece which requires me to toggle occasionally between two different tempi… i’m doing that with the flip of a MIDI switch assigned to gobal BPM - it’s a pain to have to reset and save the desired range every time i load the pedalboard.

I can confirm this. Currently we are still busy with Duo X stuff (CV and a few other things), but I added this as a ticket to myself, will come in a bugfix release at some later point.
Actually, the beats-per-bar control has the same issue. Both will be tackled at the same time


great news… i’ll look forward!