Global boards

I am making a pedalboard for each song I have in different settings.
They are very similar, sometimes differ only in CC number for PC message in infamous.

Is there a way to change all boards simultaneous? like a global setting?

if not, ( I think not…:frowning: ) would there be a way to copy-paste parts of a board to recreate fast?



Hi @Victor
I think it is two no… but :
Could it be more easy to maintain if you set presets on infamous in a single pedalboard ?
And/or using snapshots in a single pedalboard ?


Since pedalboards are internally just json files, I’m wondering how difficult it would be to develop user friendly scripts for doing just that…


Wel. I use snapshots to change scenes (a similar feature) an my axeFX…

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My solution now is a default pedalboard that I use to create from.
Problem is when I need something new or different that is not in the default…

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