"Glauning" -a ModDuo inspired Song


I’m happy to announce, that today I released a Song called Glauning on Bandcamp and it features a lot of pedalboards from my Mod Duo. It’s my first official release after 5 years and even though it’s not big like an album or even an ep I’m very happy about it.
It’s an atmospheric instrumental piece, so be aware that it takes it’s time. If you take this ride I want you to know that I’m honored that you took your time to do so!

It’s really sad that Mod Devices is in such a crisis right now and that I present this under these circumstances… My plan was to post all pedalboards used in this song. I grabbed them from the duo and if some of you want to try them, you’ll have to ssh them into your system or whatever… (sorry I guess this sounded kinda nooby :see_no_evil: )

@ModDevices: I wish you guys all the best! For me, this project is one of the greatest in the music-gear sector. I love the open-source approach and I also love the community. I’m on the forum on a daily basis, because I like the discussions and the ideas (unfortunately this also means I spent a lot more time reading stuff in the forum, then actually using my mod duo :grimacing: )
I hope that you find a way to restart this project, because otherwise it would be a big loss!

Best wishes, peace and love,



@roughael congrats on this achievement!
Thanks for sharing it with us and being so altruist to manage to find a workaround to share the pedalboards during these weird times :slight_smile:

It sounds also super interesting! Somehow on post-rock wave which I personally love, but it’s been a while since I listen to it :slight_smile: