Getting started

Hi there,

I am giving my Dwarf a first whirl.

I would like your opinion on what I should try to get working first (what is easiest) in order to have the web UI going on something other than windows (yes I have this working but it’s not my main gig !)

  • USB on mac (my Dwarf ethernet says as not connected, although in recent weeks, I had it working !)

Screenshot 2022-03-16 at 14.00.49

  • bluetooth on mac (it connects, but no internet connection)

  • bluetooth on Android (it connects, but all that is supported is ‘Bonjour’, I can’t even ping the dwarf.

  • using a little router to get the dwarf on the LAN (I have no luck at all with that… I have the little gl-iNet mango router that some guys had some luck with…) either by using the usb port on the router, or the ethernet input, no luck.

That’s it for now.
Thanks a lot !



You can try to switch the USB mode under the device settings menu, should be under system behaviour I think.
Note that activating windows mode in there makes it incompatible with macOS, so one needs to switch back to non-windows mode when stopping using windows.


Hey there,

yup I did that, indeed, letting the USD mode as windows makes it worse: the Dwarf Ethernet option does not even show up.

so there must be more to it.

oh wow, setting the USB-B MODE to NET+MIDI did the trick !


Next I will try to get a wireless solution going, either wifi or bluetooth.


Bluetooth works pretty well with my dongle, it is vastly slower than the USB connection though.

would you have an idea as why although the bluetooth connection happens, I am unable to even ping the dwarf?

How are you connected, is your dongle a Bluetooth 5?

Also, in your dwarf system settings, have you have made sure to enable BT discovery?

nope, I read it was a bit problematic… I went for a 4.0

I have that exact dongle, mine works great.

Double check in your dwarf system settings that you scroll to Bluetooth, and enable discovery. Then bring up the Bluetooth menu on your device.

When I first bought, I thought it might be plug and play, but there is a system setting that needs to toggled before Bluetooth can broadcast and connect

The bluetooth status looks good: it goes from DISCOVERABLE to CONNECTED.

From my phone for instance, I can see the connection to the dwarf is done.

but then if I try to scan the ports, or even ping the dwarf, I hit a wall. (see my little picture in the first message from this thread)

Let me take a step back real quick.

What is your goal with this set up?

I only use Bluetooth to control my GUI, that is the limit of the Bluetooth capability as I currently understand it.

Are you attempting to have data communication over Bluetooth?

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just control my GUI indeed

Are you using the new Mac OS?

I’ve heard of some capability issues with the latest release.

I’m on iPad, so my menu is very simple for Bluetooth set up, and I haven’t had any issues with connecting other than with a BT5 dongle

Android and latest Mac OS yes, I haven’t tried iOS in fact…

Well I cannot get my units to connect to an android device over BT.

I don’t own a Mac, but have heard the latest OS has some issues with connectivity.

If you own an IOS device, I’d give it a shot.

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see if I can grab the iPad out my sons hands :wink:


Throw some elbows if needed :wink:

the iPad connects in no time ! And it is not that slow…
I am going to get one just for that … mmm …

so, because I am a total noobs, is there a case for flagging the lack of support for android and mac os so that it gets fixed?
Or shall I not bother…


On Android it is required to disable mobile data and wifi, otherwise it wont use network features from the bluetooth connection.
But don’t know if this is the issue here.