Getting M Audio FX-P foot pedal to work with Mod Dwarf

I bought the M Audio EX-P expression pedal thinking I would be able to use it with the Mod Dwarf, but realized the Mod Dwarf parameters cannot be directly changed using an expression pedal for MIDI controllers. Is this correct? Is there any way I can connect the M Audio EX-P to the Mod Dwarf?

EDIT: Clarified language about MIDI controller.

Not sure how you got this idea.
All MOD units can have MIDI for instruments of course, to play notes etc.
But MIDI learn is used to assign parameters to MIDI CC or Pitchbend.

As long as the USB device is class-compliant, it should work.

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I have probably misunderstood something. The pedal in question is this one (M Audio EX-P). It has an integrated 1/4 inch TRS cable. The Mod Dwarf seems to have a 3.5 mm TRS MIDI input. Do you think a simple 1/4 inch to 3.5 mm adaptor will allow me to control Dwarf parameters using the M Audio foot pedal? I was under the impression that I would need something to convert the foot pedal’s movements into MIDI signals, but please correct me if I am wrong.

That might be the case yes.

Problem here is that this EX-P hw is not really a MIDI device then.
It just provides a regular jack to connect somewhere else that will do the MIDI handling.
So this is an “Expression Pedal for MIDI Controllers” and not a MIDI device itself.

I might be wrong here, but seems you need something in between to make this work.

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Got it, I think my earlier statement " Mod Dwarf only receives input from MIDI instruments (but not input from MIDI controllers)" should have been “…input from pedals for MIDI controllers”. I am trying to figure out what might be a portable (and hopefully somewhat cheap) solution to get something between the pedal and Dwarf, such that I will be able to control Dwarf parameters with the pedal.

This tutorial from @jesse and an Arduino shield with the Control Chain may help you out (please DM me if you want to get an Arduino Shield). Yet I’m not sure if that will work with the EX-P or at least if it will work properly.

I’ve same pedal but I use it with MeloAudio Midi Commander and it works like a charm with Dwarf.

Exp Pedal ---- (TRS) ----> MeloAudio ---- (MIDI) ----> Dwarf


That’s the one I’ve got. I’ve also got a MeloAudio EXP-001 with a TRS jack. Much rather have a jack than a captive cord, but I got the M Audio EX-P when I couldn’t get the MeloAudio one working with a Morningstar MC-6. I imagine they’re both okay. I’m really new to midi - I just want to play. midi and effects stuff is fascinating, though. And now I’ve taken a look at the arduino side of it, which I had been avoiding. I see myself potentially falling down any number of techie/music related rabbit holes. Can’t help it. I’m a music junkie first and foremost, but my tech junkie side surfaces from time to time.


Dave try googling Notes and Volts Arduino Midi controller. Another Dave explains things so simply and even gives you the code you need. Which are super easy, barely an inconvenience to edit to what you need.

Really easy stuff - have made a few controllers with it. Look Mum no Computer also uses it for hi mental stuff.

Sometimes its easier to borrow a rabbit than chase one down a hole ; )


Thanks Austin! To paraphrase Mississippi John Hurt … “rabbit in a log and I ain’t got no rabbit dog…”. I’ll dig into the code a little bit. Sounds like we’re going to have a lot of time - thank you delta and now here comes lambda.

Worst part about is I see myself digging out my soldering gear. Know I should’ve sold that stuff…

Actually, do you know if there is any way to configure the Dwarf to accept CV data via the 3.5 mm input?

Thanks! This looks promising! I will need to do some research and also figure out if this makes sense in the context of local shows I play at.

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I checked out this one:

I’ll look a a little deeper later. Once I get the dwarf I’ll get into this more deeply. Sounds to me like the dwarf and a morningstar mc-3 would be perfect on a smaller pedalboard than the one I’ve got now. The arduino route looks really promising with the potential to start with a very simple setup to learn midi and experiment with coding (OH NO! NOT AGAIN!) and getting down to soldering electronic stuff (OH NO!! NOT AGAIN!!). Before long I’ll be having nightmares about that stuff again!

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Couldnt have put it better myself ; ) I have a dog but hes a useful as a log!

Honestly its so easy. Multiplexers are for adding extra 16 knobs or buttons and not required for what you are looking for.

Ive made a few controllers so far. I have no idea on coding but its so easy to edit his code.

Im away at present but when I get back will try and put a quite instruction together to show how to do it for a few pounds / dollars.

Especially if you are only looking at a few buttons or exp pedals / knobs / joysticks

I use arduino nano copies for £3 on ebay with the extra bits you need.

I even made this for my mates synths - although he never uses it - or the synths !!!


I can answer this one: no.

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These are MIDI i/o not audio/cv. It’s logic-only and there for convenience (smaller footprint than DIN and MIDI trs-A is now the standard “midi over 3.5mm jack”)