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Hey, Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you are good, wherever you are reading this from.

I just had a dew days with the Mod Dwarf. My samsung tab 9 and Xiaomi Pad 5 work well with it via BT using a TP-LINK UB400. Also, Im in the processing of completing a DIY Midi foot controller from a Worlde EasyControl 9 Control Surface. It works!

My suggestions so far:
(Correct me if there’s already a topic posted similiar to the ones below)

  1. i would want a CHANGE feedback medium:
    Maybe a notepad, where if I turn on something/change something —there’s a feedback on a Notepad I can see from my tablet/pc.

ex. If i midi cc a DELAY to turn, I wish I could see a Notepad/a Note saying “Digital Delay = On”
So in one glance at my ta lb I understand what’s going on. maybe add a programming option on the notepad plugin and maybe assign "if ($digital_delay = midi_cc(127 ) then print (“Digital Delay is on”).


  1. I noticed that the Mod Dwarf is too personal/too customized per person that if you Lend it to someone who doesnt know how to use it----he wont understand how to use it.

unlike a Gt100, for ex, you would understand that clicking this is preset, up and down buttons switch banks…etc and etc

What Im saying is, maybe the mod dwarf should have a more controlled options.

ex. Maybe assign buttons left to right to scroll thru pedals in the chain. And another button to turn it on and off.

It would have more of a structured approach , I think.

So, when someone who isnt familiar with it will understand that “Oh, so Im just scrolling thru, and Oh, lets turn on Phaser pedal”…

Coz in my DIY midi controller, no one would understand it unless i explained it to them thoroughly

Just ideas though

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