Gear 4 sale

Hey fellas,

I’m looking to offload some kit, as there are 2 new items coming out this year that I would rather have.

All shipping is Lower 48 US states

Currently I have up for listing:

Bastl SP2 (gently used) $520 (negotiable for MOD forum members)

Dreadbox Erebus V3 Duophonic $570 (discontinued)

I’m pricing this high because I’m unmotivated to sell it. Dreadbox discontinued the line and it may increase in value due to scarcity. Price is negotiable for members here.

And last on my “shipping sized” items:

Polyend Tracker (version 2 aluminum enclosure w/mechanical rounded keys) $480 shipped (price is pretty firm but may negotiate)

I’m selling these as I’ve become a bit more focused on my hardware choices and selections. The erebus and tracker were both used in my MOD dwarf track way back in the day and they are awesome pieces of kit.

The SP2 needs a patient hand, and offers unique sounds. Its just not something I need for the genre I’m focusing on.

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The softpop looks juicy, but I have no idea about how it works with import fees from the US.

Why are you getting rid of the tracker? It used to be at the center of your setup before.

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Oof, yeah… I can’t ship overseas unfortunately. However, I’d highly recommend checking Thomann :wink:

I love the tracker for a lot of reasons, but it just cant compete with my Octatrack Mk2 in terms of functionality for my needs.

So, I’d love to offer some of this gear to people who will use it. I feel guilty having this gear boxed up collecting dust :frowning:

Tips fedora*
Why not overseas?

Dummy expensive to ship overseas. I am selling gear to buy new gear.

Some of the gear I’ve sent out with insurance cost well over 100 dollars, and that is just domestic shipping with the post office. You can imagine how that affects the bottom line.

I pay to insure all shipments over their actual value, that way everyone gets their money back if something goes wrong in transit.

That’s is very thoughtfully put, I hope you find someone on here to buy it :slight_smile:

It’s not helping my gas at all.
have you taken a look at Pittsburgh modular taiga?

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Oh man, I definitely have been eyeballing those lmao

I have done my absolute best to avoid watching gear vids. I was weak when I saw chompi and that pledge cascaded into yet another instrument pledge, so now I’m tapping out lol

I am actually really digging my software synths and making samples for my octatrack, so I am gonna hold off on buying more hardware until I’m more certain of “what I’m about” in terms of music production lol

Man Dreadbox makes such great stuff, I love the Typhon monosynth and I played through most of their new pedal line recently, some innovative stuff, sounded amazing. Disorder, Kinematic, Komorebi were the ones that I thought justified pics in my phone lol. Good luck with your gear, I’m trying to offload 3 basses right now… moving slowly :slight_smile:

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I actually want to replace the erebus with a typhon lmao. I have been Gassing for one for a couple of years now lol

I also still have my Komorebi and Kinematic in my gear rotation from time to time.

Its a rough time to sell, I’m not in any rush to offload, so I’ll be patient until people gain expendable cash again lol

Good luck with your sales!

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Somehow I knew about the synths, but not the effects pedals! If you ever sell any of those I may be interested… though I’m trying to use my Dwarf for just about everything :sweat_smile:


Actually both the Komorebi and Kinematic are for sale lol, all of my pedals are with the exception of the MOD ones lol


Well howdy howdy,

I have identified the last weak links in my setup, and need to purchase/install a behringer 1820 (already have the patch bay) into my “studio” (lmao), its a spare room in my house…

I have begun offloading gear, and have my stuff listed on Sweetwater here: Sweetwater Gear Exchange

That is my hardware account, and if anything is interesting, feel free to DM me here about pricing negotiation.

The being said, I have a lot of software to drop off too.

Komplete 13 standard
Komplete 14 upgrade
Lores (Kontakt)
Straylight bundle (Kontakt)
Thrill (Kontakt)

Izotope mix/master bundle (Ozone 9+10 advanced)

FL Studio Producer edition
Reason 12

also have a lot of sequencing plugins/arpeggiators/ etc…

if interested in any software, DM me.

Hope all is well with you, and yours!