Gallien Krueger Amp

I’m looking for a Gallien RB bass head simulation


There’s admittedly some lack of bass amp simulations in the platform. I believe that we don’t have more than a couple.
Do you know about any simulation of this specific amp as a plugin? Even in other platforms? This may help us find an LV2 version.


If I understand you correctly, plugin alliance has a vst version of the 800RB head.

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I can find that, but unfortunately I can’t find anything in lv2 (really quick search).
Does anyone know about anything along this lines?

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Hello @Giga Vincenzo and @jon João,

there is some info on the schematics and EQ section here: Manuals — Gallien-Krueger

For the 400RB (and 800) it is written:

Bass +/-10db @ 60Hz shelving
Lo-Mid +6db/-10db @ 250Hz “Q optimized”
Hi-Mid +6db/-10db @ 1kHz “Q optimized”
Treble +/-14db @ 7kHz shelving

Voicing Filters:
String Bass Button +11db@20Hz
Presence +9db@10kHz
Contour +2db@50Hz / -10db@500Hz / +3db@7kHz
For 800RB voicing, set the contour control either on 0 or 10 (Off, On on 800RB)

The EQ section is wired in series. On the amp surface controls go from left to right as follows:
5 String Bass button - Contour - Presence - Treble - Hi-Mid - Low-Mid - Bass

With the following Boost control there is a field effect transistor involved that is responsible for the harmonic content.

I think it would be relatively easy to build the EQ section with some parametric EQs by x42.
It seems the Hi-Mid and Low-Mid sections have a variable Q when pushed. This could be achieved by controlling both Q and gain simultaneously with CV.

There is a Gallien Krueger 810 cabinet in the Bass Cabinet plugin.

Maybe some of our stick/5-string/4-string bassists can tell how they would achieve such sound.

Greetings and God bless, Marius


Good thing I have a 700RB2 around here. Can’t promise anything but I can do some A/B with the real stuff and come up with something (I have some indoor concerts this winter and they already clearly stated amps aren’t allowed in those theatres so it will be useful to me too).


(Sorry to necro but might be useful to someone)

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